It's T-Break Time

It's T-Break Time


Our Wavy Friend Gabby recently took a Tolerance Break and told us all about it! Read about out how it helped her and why you should consider taking one too...

1.) What is a tolerance break?

A tolerance break, or T-break, is a break from all THC intake for an extended period of time. There are many different reasons to take a T-break, but I highly recommend it to anyone that regularly uses THC. Some individuals go on a break if they have to take drug test, while others simply want to lower their tolerance to THC. If you notice you are having to smoke more than what you used to just to get the same level of effects, it might be time to take a T-break. 

2.) Why did you decide to take a T-break?

Too much of anything isn’t always healthy for our bodies. I’ve incorporated smoking into my nightly routine to help with sleep for quite some time now, so it was time to give my body (and my wallet) a break. 

3.) How long does a T-break normally last?

The short answer: it depends on the individual, their tolerance, and the overall goal with the break. That being said, a proper tolerance break should be around a minimum of three weeks to allow the THC to fully leave your system. However, if you regularly incorporate THC into your daily routine, I recommend extending the break to at least a month or more. I really wanted to commit, so my T-break lasted the entire month of September. 

4.) What were the biggest takeaways from the T-break?

The biggest takeaway was that my energy levels were significantly higher throughout the day. I found I was drinking less caffeine, and I felt sharper mentally because I had a lot less brain fog than I did when I was using THC regularly. Extended THC use can affect the quality of our R.E.M. cycles, and I noticed that without it, I was having very detailed and vivid dreams that I could remember after waking up. Also, it did lower my tolerance drastically. 

5.) What did you do during your T-break AKA how did you survive? 

CBD! CBD is overlooked by a lot of THC users because they think it doesn’t do anything. Without THC, I was able to really figure out how well my body responds to CBD, especially for sleep and anxiety. It helped so much that I incorporated CBD as a replacement for THC in my nighttime routine. Going forward, I think I will be implementing more CBD into my daily routine because it alleviates the problems that I would typically solve with THC (i.e. trouble sleeping, anxiety, pain, etc…)

Products that got Gabby through her T-Break:

  1. Canvast Drifters CBD + L-theanine gummies: these are my holy grail CBD gummies for relaxation. These gummies are broad spectrum CBD + CBN with an additional 50 mgs of L-theanine to help reduce stress and help your body unwind. I take one every night roughly two or three hours before I go to bed.
    Canvast Drifters
  2. Recess Hemp Extract Sparkling Waters: I love to drink these alongside my morning coffee to reduce heart palpitations and anxiety. My favorite flavors are blood orange, pomegranate hibiscus, and coconut lime. We carry these in store only!
  3. Weedsport CBD Salve: I use this topical salve for any muscle aches or bodily tension, but I especially love this product for menstrual cramps. I rub a little bit over my lower abdomen and back whenever my cramps start, and it provides almost immediate relief for me. I also recommend a little bit on the back of the head and neck for migraines. (also available in a push up stick that you can just apply without touching the product!)

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