Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe
Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe
Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe
Sackville & Co.

Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe

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Sackville’s beloved crystal ball pipe has gone platinum. In celebration of Playboy’s 70th anniversary, we’ve released a metallic-soaked version of this fan-favorite piece. This highly functional work of art is an ode to your favorite herb -- but only to those in the know. Pack it, puff it, pass it, and praise it. 


For 70 years, Playboy has been filling our lives with pleasure. Today, they’ve partnered with Sackville to spread the power of pleasure through flower. Raise a lighter and celebrate your right to get high – in style, of course.  


Get lost in your dreams with this Crystal Ball pipe. Designed to give you the ultimate smoke and when not in use beautifully blend into your home on a mantle or shelf. 

This crystal ball pipe was designed to inspire you to dream, get creative and lost in your own imagination. 

Premium borosilicate Glass which is known for withstanding high temperatures and its durability.

2 piece pipe consists of the orb smoking vessel and the glass base designed to hold the pipe while not in use.

Dimensions; 3 1/4 diameter, 3.5" tall (base and ball together)