Shroom Pre-Roll Cones
Shroom Pre-Roll Cones
Field Trip

Shroom Pre-Roll Cones

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Some day in the not-so-distant future, you’ll be a bit older. A bit wiser. The font on your iphone will be four sizes bigger and your waistband might sit a few inches wider. But thankfully, that day is not today. So be silly. Smoke these goofy pre-roll cones. Tell Darius this is your last job! Reiterate that you mean it! Sneak into a bank under an assumed identity! Keep your cool when it all goes wrong! Cradle your lover’s head as he bleeds out on the pavement behind a Wells Fargo. Hand over the cash to your double-crossing getaway driver. Promise to avenge Darius if it's the last thing you do. Live a little you silly goose!

Important Details:

6 pre-rolled cones
100 percent organic vegetable based ink
Organic / vegan arabic gum adhesive used
Organic rice paper